Reasons to Choose DigitalWalk

There are a lot of little things that all add up to making DigitalWalk one of the best digital agencies.

Here are what we consider the 6 most important reasons to choose us for your project:

Integrated Offering

Most digital agencies say they do search engine optimisation and most SEO agencies have designers and developers to work on projects but DigitalWalk takes the concept of an integrated agency to the next level. We’re not only one of the most respected search agencies but also a leading digital agency too – each part of the company is an industry leader by itself and when we work together and deliver the whole package from design & build to SEO the results speak for themselves.

E-commerce Experts

E-commerce is the single biggest change in retail for a generation and we’ve been lucky enough to work with not only the leading brands in retail but some startup companies too. In 2018 we started working with a one retailer and turned them from startup to a million pound business in 6 months, all thanks to SEO.

Process Driven

Whether it’s an SEO project or digital production we use process flows optimised through years of learning to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Our Prince2 trained project managers are on hand to make sure that we deliver the perfect website.

Our Reputation

Over the past 6 years our reputation within the industry has gone from strength to strength thanks to our fantastic team of search engine optimisation experts and website developers. As one of the top natural search agencies in the UK we work at the cutting edge of search and have been the driving force behind some of the most effective campaigns of the decade.

Brand Experience

We believe that an agency is judged by the results they deliver and the clients they’ve delivered them for and DigitalWalk is no exception. We’ve got case studies of huge improvements in ROI with both leading brands and startup companies all of whom are enjoying increased profits thanks to our work.

Attention to Detail

We’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the worlds leading brands which means we are used to delivering work to the very highest standards. Second best just isn’t acceptable and our teams are trained to go above and beyond in all the projects we undertake. You can be sure that working with DigitalWalk delivers the best possible brand experience and attention to detail.


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