Pay Per Click or PPC search engine traffic

Firstly you need to decide what keywords you are going to use, so think of
some basic keywords that you are going to use to promote your site. For
For “free advertising” I would use…….

To build this list bigger I suggest you use
and check out the FREE download of Good Keywords at

Once you get a pretty big list of keywords, start to add in 2,3,4 or even 5
worded phrases.

For example, I would compile a list like.

free advertising
internet marketing
internet promotion
free promotion
free internet marketing
totally free internet marketing
Loads More

You can expand the list to whatever length you wish, the more keywords that
you can target to your site, then the more searchable keywords you will have
pointing to your site. Also try to think up as many phrases that you think
surfers will use and add them in aswell, the more the better. WARNING:- you
must not duplicate any keywords or phrases, you can use the same word with a
different word in a phrase but do not have the same words or phrases on
separate lines like below.

free advertising
free advertising

The above will cause errors when you try to mass import.

2 – Prepare a title for your site.

Most of the pay per click engines have a limit on the length of the title, I
have found that 16 characters seems to work fine with them all. For my title
I would use………
FREE Advertising

3 – Prepare a description.

Below is the description that I have used on the pay per click engines, I
have found that it works fine at this length on them all, however if I add,
1,2,3 or more letters to the description below then some of the pay per
clicks, cut the end from it.
I would suggest that you keep your description 98 characters or below.

Subscribe to my FREE Advertising Alerter and receive FREE Advertising Hints
and Tips in your mail.

4 – Submitting your listings to the
pay per clicks.

Ok, a lot of the pay per click engines use the same programs to make them
run, this means that their systems are very similar.

Some of them will make you submit your keywords, descriptions and title’s,
one by one. However some of them will let you import them in a group, to do
this you will need to follow some rules.

5 – Setting up a group to submit.

You need to open a text pad / word pad, that is able to place tabs. To check
that your text editor supports tabs, open your editor, click on the key on
the left hand side of your keyboard, the one with 2 arrows pointing left and
right. The cursor on the page should move to the right slightly, if not then
your editor does not support tabs, find one that does. (WordPad, with
windows works fine )

Now you need to format your keywords and description in a file.

Open your text editor. Type the following and press tab where I have written

YouR KeyworD *PRESS
TAB* 0.01 *PRESS
*PRESS TAB* YouR DescriptioN

You should now have a line that looks like
free 0.01 FREE Advertising Subscribe to my
FREE Advertising Alerter and receive FREE Advertising Hints and Tips in your

Note :- The space in between each section may look bigger in your editor,
but the tab will be their if your editor supports them.

Now do the same for each of your keywords that you wish to use and you
should end up with something like…………
free 0.01 FREE Advertising Subscribe to my
FREE Advertising Alerter and receive FREE Advertising Hints and Tips in your
advertising 0.01 FREE Advertising Subscribe to
my FREE Advertising Alerter and receive FREE Advertising Hints and Tips in
your mail.
free advertising 0.01 FREE Advertising
Subscribe to my FREE Advertising Alerter and receive FREE Advertising Hints
and Tips in your mail.
Loads more down here………..
Loads more down here………..
Loads more down here………..

Now you need to save the file, save it to somewhere that you will remember,
I suggest saving it as

2nd, some of the engines allow the bulk add but with a comma instead of the
tab, so you need to create another file, and do the same again but use a
comma in place of the tab and save that one to

3rd, Some of the engines have the lowest bid set to 3 cents and 5 cents, so,
you need to create another 2 files and change the 0.01 to 0.03 and 0.05
respectively and save them in files called

Now you are ready to submit your site to the PPC engines, using the bulk add

REMEMBER, some of them will make you add your site by one keyword at a time,
whilst others will let you bulk add using the above ways.

I suggest for the one keyword at a time ones that you make another text file
and put in it on separate lines your Title, Url, and Description and save it

You can now just simply copy and paste from this file when you find the ones
that make you submit one by one, you may also wish to add in your keywords
into the file on separate lines so you can simply copy and paste them, but
that is up to you.

TIP, The bulk add is normally a text link on the add listings page, it will
say something like, click here to add your own listings, bulk listings,
multiple listings or something similar.

TIP, Some of the pay per clicks have a “Catch All” listing place,
this catch all listings works on the following basics. If someone does a
search for a word and the engine has no listings for that word then the
catch all listings are shown, you can bid on a catch all listing and will
get your site exposed to all people who enter a keyword that no one has in
the database. This can lead to a lot of traffic if you get a high listing
with them, however, the traffic could be looking for absolutely anything.

TIP, If you have multiple sites and wish to promote different sites on
different engines, then simply repeat the above and just change the SITENAME
part on the urls.

Have fun and go get your traffic, remember that a lot of these pay per click
engines are new so the traffic may take a while to arrive, however some of
them are quite old and still give away free cash for you joining them, with
the old ones you should start to see traffic straight away if you have done
your keywords and biddings correctly.

Below is my source for where I get the ones with the free cash, have fun
because if you sign for all the ones giving free cash you will have $1000’s
of dollars worth of highly targeted PPC cash to send to where you wish.

Please check each Pay Per Click engine on the following site as even though
the site below may not say that a certain engine is not offering free cash,
they may be as they change that often, you may also find some that no longer
offer cash even though the site below says it does, unfortunately sites
change their offers very often so that it would be impossible to get a true
form of how many offer free cash.

I have no affiliation with any of the sites below or above ( apart from
eternalhits ) other than that I have found them to be very useful in using
the ppc’s.

I also suggest that you spend a bit of time on the site below and learn what
other tips you can about submitting to the pay per clicks, although I have
covered the main parts above there is still a lot you can learn.

Pay Per Click or PPC search engine traffic

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