Our Integrated Approach

One site, one team, one goal.

What is an Integrated Approach?

The traditional and accepted approach to web development is to allow one agency to create your website, and another agency to carry out search engine optimisation. Having dealt with many clients who have had their websites created in this way, we know only too well how ineffective and costly this approach is. Often, the agency involved at the design and build stage don’t have SEO expertise and won’t consider this whilst working on the site, and so when an SEO agency is therefore commissioned to implement this afterwards, there’s a great deal of changes to be made.

We don’t do things by half at DigitalWalk and always provide a complete service, so we pioneered an approach which combines all aspects of web design, development, and SEO. Not only do we offer all of these services, but we are also industry leaders in each. The result of this unrivalled integrated approach is a usable, future-proof, and fully search-engine optimised website.

Why is an Integrated Approach important?

“By using an integrated approach, we can almost guarantee the success of your website”

Content is king, and possibly the single most important aspect of a successful website or e-commerce site. Without quality content; no amount of design, development, or SEO will make a site successful.

It’s important for brand new websites or sites which have been redeveloped in another content management system (CMS), to be developed in a search-engine friendly manner. Therefore, right from launch the site will be better indexed by search-engines and more traffic will be directed to it.

The usability of a site can determine how long a visitor stays on your site, and whether they’ll decide to return or not. Brand loyalty is essential to maximising your conversion, and so making your site as user-friendly as possible is key to a successful web presence.

To allow for growing traffic, content, and requirements; the platform on which the site is developed has to be robust and scalable. So many websites only have a shelf-life of about two to three years, and investing in a web presence so frequently is costly. We make secure sites which aim to have a life much longer than this.

Using an integrated approach, we don’t leave the success of your site to chance. Creating a user-friendly web presence which is optimised to get increased traffic from search engines, and balances with growing business needs; we can almost guarantee the success of your site.

What are the benefits of an Integrated Approach?

  • The site is consistent across design, brand messages, and SEO; resulting in a good user experience.
  • The experts at each stage of the project are working towards the same goals – the client’s objectives.
  • There’s just one port of call for all queries or problems, making things easier.
  • SEO is integrated throughout each stage, meaning less time, and less cost implementing it afterwards.

How do we do it?

Our talented designers work with the skilful SEO team to blend the visuals with the information hierarchy, creating eye-catching content which conforms to SEO standards. Combining these two disciplines ensures the project is completely SEO and user friendly from the beginning.

The developers also work closely with the SEO team, weaving SEO techniques into the structure with smart use of information architecture, HTML, and CSS formatting.

With all aspects working towards the same goal, and ensuring each stage compliments the next; the finished website is flawless, effective, and provides immediate results.

If you want to learn more about our unrivalled integrated approach to web development, get in touch and talk to a member of our team.


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