How to rank highly in search engines

How to rank highly in
search engines is one of the most important things to webmasters and
website owners alike. Search engines can direct tens of thousands of
visitors to your website every day if you make your website as search
engine friendly as possible.


Here are some basic principles that need to be followed to gain
the best rank in search engines:


  • Links– Getting as many links to your website as
    possible will have a huge effect on gaining a better position. It will
    not only help in terms of gaining a better pr, but it will also help
    by getting your website crawled
    by bots and spiders more often.


One thing that is generally not know about links is that if a website
is linked to from another website, the text that is shown on the website
is very important because it gives search engines a good idea of what
the website is about. If the links to your web page are consistent and
keywords linked to your website are used then it could potentially dramatically
increase your search engine rankings, dependent on the number/quality
of links.


This is where using superior tools such as

Keyword Elite more than pay for themselves by giving you the ability
to find the not so overused keywords giving lower competition.


  • Content– There are two different things that should
    be considered when looking at the content of a web page:


o Updating of content – Keeping an ever changing content for
your website. This will give search engine spiders more pages to index
(if articles or content that needs new pages) and shows them that your
website is up to date and more likely have content that will interest
users of the search engines. (It will also keep users interested in
your website making it more popular)


o Quality – Using keywords within your content is very important
as when spiders search your content they look for keywords that may
give them an idea as to what your website is about and with what keyword
searches it should show your website for. Search engines will give the
keywords a weight dependent on the frequency and placement of words:


o Content – The weight for keywords in content is dependent
on the frequency


o Titles – Search engines give a higher weight to titles as
they see them as more important at giving information about the content
of the web page than frequency of words used within the text.


o Font size – Search engines also give a higher weight to
text with larger font, believing that font that has been given a larger
font size will be more important than that of a smaller text size. (Remember
this can however make your content hard to read if its got large text
part way through)


o Bold – The same principle is used as above that if text
has been put it bold, it will have more importance than that which isn’t
in bold.


  • Meta tags– A Meta tag is a little piece of html
    code that is put at the top of the code. It provides information about
    the page including, author, creation date, as well as information on
    keywords to give the search engine an idea of what the web page is about.
    Many people try and pack hundreds of keywords into the Meta tags thinking
    it will increase their chance of getting a better position in search
    engines for those keywords. However this doesn’t necessarily work.


Search engines don’t rely as heavily on the Meta tags as many people
think. Meta tags are indexed by most large search engines but are only
used if the content of the web page refers to those Meta tags. Therefore
spending time on adding hundreds of words into your Meta tags is a waste
of time unless they correspond to the content of the web page.

How to rank highly in search engines

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