Does Ease of Creating Facebook Lists Change Rules for Professionally Oriented Posts?

How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook AccountMy Facebook “friends” are a hodge-podge of friends, family, former co-workers, bicycling buddies, and professional contacts. Given the diverse nature of my list of friends, in the past I’ve followed the advice that no more than 25% of posts should be professionally oriented. However, it has become so easy to create lists on Facebook that I think this guideline can be thrown out the window.

If you have not already done so, it’s time to segment your connections into lists. It is easy to do so by clicking on the “lists” bar on the left hand side of the Facebook interface screen. My suggestion would be to create lists based on the category of messages you intend to post. As an example, there is only an extremely small universe of individuals that are interested in my fantasy football results from last week. Similarly, my family members are unlikely to be interested in a post on link building.

Now that I have segmented my friend lists by area of interest, I no longer have to be concerned about sending out messages that are irrelevant to the majority of my friends. Thus, the guidelines about limiting your percentage of professionally oriented post are no longer applicable to Facebook. This does not mean that you should start spamming your Facebook connections. Keep in mind that the business value of a Facebook post is tied to how many shares, comments, and likes it generates. So while the volume of your professionally related posts can go up, the quality should remain high.

Does Ease of Creating Facebook Lists Change Rules for Professionally Oriented Posts?

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