Creating Ad Copy That Just Can’t Fail

Creating ad copy that sells continues to be the most
valued arts to acquire in marketing on the Internet. Creating good content will
accomplish more in getting search engine rankings and selling products than any
tool you may purchase.

Most sites we web marketers venture across while searching for new ways to market our products and services promote new and different methods of “Driving traffic to your web site”. Then why are there so many sites on the Internet, which have a lot of traffic still not making money?

Discover the secrets of how to increase your conversion rates of visitors to sales and your site will start adding up some very nice profits. Because, when your sales message really works, you don’t need
a 100,000 visitors a month to earn a living.


The art of selling is still required.


Just because you have put up a web site and your driving visitors by the thousands doesn’t mean you don’t need good sales copy. With the millions of new web sites being put on the Internet every month how many do you think have the experience to write result producing sales copy?

So doesn’t it make good sense that many of these sites don’t make the profits due to poor sales copy instead of the lack of traffic? Look at the statistics. On-line sales are up; people are spending more money on-line than ever. Then why are so many web sites not making money?

For the most part it is due to the lack of training in developing quality sales copy. Most affiliate programs tell you all you need to do is put up a banner or place a text link on your site and you will start earning huge profits. Don’t believe them.

To make enough sales to make your time worth while you must learn the art of
pre-selling. Have your visitors ready to make the purchase when they reach your affiliate sales page and you will earn a great income using affiliate programs.


Yes, getting traffic to your web site is obviously important. Without visitors you have no one to sell to. However, you first need to develop the art of creating a sales page which is actually designed to sell!

Many web site owners have developed the art of getting visitors to their sites and it is really a shame when thousands of visitors leave their sites without buying. Isn’t this defeating your whole purpose of spending your time and hard earned money building your web sites?

Learn to create
good sales copy and
your web site will earn higher profits with less traffic no matter what you are
selling. Many sites with good sales copy have sales conversion rates of 10% to
20% when they have highly targeted visitors.

Just think. If you create a highly responsive sales page and your conversion rate is 5% and you make only $20 off each sale. For every 100 visitors to your site you will make you a profit of $100.

Now you can spend that extra bit of advertising revenue and get several thousand visitors a month to your site and you have a comfortable home based business making you a really nice living.

Learn which
words and phrases have long been proven to grab the attention of visitor’s and make them react favorably to your sales copy. Never forget customers are interested in what you can do for them or how your product or service can make their life better or easier.

Visitors don’t typically want to know about your company or how many employees you have. They want to know how your product or service is going to help them. You can always add an “About Our Company” page to your site but don’t use your valuable sales space. It is critical to get their attention fast and tell them how you’re
product or
service is going to make their lives better.

Your Product Benefits Are What Sells!


Spend some time to really get to know your products. While reviewing your products or services jot down every benefit your product or service has to offer your potential customer.


You may now start composing your sales message listing every possible benefit that your
product or
service has to offer making your visitors life a little easier or improving their quality of life. Make your customer think before your ever consider asking for a sale!

When you have completed your list of benefits brain storm for a while and come up with all the keywords you think your visitors might use to search for your product while visiting their favorite search engines.

You will need to work these keywords and phrases into your
sales copy to optimize your page for search engine ranking.

Be creative, take a while and don’t try to make a sale with a three or four paragraph sales message. Let your visitors know all the benefits of your product. Visitors are searching for lots of information so don’t be afraid to use a long sales message. Studies show that long copy produces more sales than short copy.

Remember. Get to the benefits fast. Your visitors didn’t come to your site to read about your company. They are searching for ways to make their life better or solve a particular problem they have. So get to the benefits right from the start or they will click off your site before they ever see your great product.

You Gotta Ask For Action!


You’ve listed all your product benefits and now you have your visitor’s attention. Now is the time to refresh their memories with a brief summary of your main benefits. This is the time to tell your visitor about your product guarantee and return policy. Hopefully you have associated yourself with a company, which offers a money back guarantee.


You might be surprised how many people stop here. Especially when selling on the web You Gotta Ask! Come straight out and ask them to take action.

List your phone number, or address if your taking orders by phone or mail. It doesn’t make any difference how you process the order, just directly ask your visitor to become your customer. It is shocking how many sites never ask for action.

Spending the time and effort to learn how to design and
create a selling web site is not just a benefit. A well designed and written web site will bring you from just having a web site, to making a living with your web site.

Do your research, and with study and practice you will learn to write an income generating sales page that will bring you your share of the constantly growing Internet fortune.



The market is huge, and the need is intense. There is so much information all around. There are so many “one-of” tools here and there, many of them excellent. There is so much desire to build income on the Net.


And there are so many affiliates failing. Why?
Because, despite their desire, most people simply can’t absorb all that info, pick a tool from here and a solution over there, combine it with a great idea of their own, master HTML, FTP’ing and Search Engines… and turn it all into a system that WORKS.
And NOW… they don’t have to!

All you have to do is use your brain to think and create content. Which is what Site Build It! is all about…
The ultimate goal is to oblige you only to THINK. To create content. Content that PRE-sells and gets the click to your affiliate programs. And earns income.

Site Build It! frees you up to execute the important stuff, the content. Everything else… ftp’ing, writing code, worrying about META tags and keyword density and Search Engine submission… is handled by Site Build It!.

Creating Ad Copy That Just Can’t Fail

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