6 Surefire Methods for Improving Your Search Engine Rankings

  Do you have a website? How does it rank with the search engines? Getting your website to rank well with the search engines takes time, but there are several things that you can do to speed up the process. There are several things that will help your website, many of which are not used […]

Google Tips and Tricks – Help for Seniors: How to Search the Internet and Find Information Online

Learn how to search the internet as well as a 12 year old. Help for seniors is here. With this info, any boomer or senior can learn how to search the internet for answers. Older adults need to be able to find information online, too. A person who knows a few Google tips and tricks […]

Blogging for Website Traffic

Once introduced to the benefits of blogging, many website owners experiment with blogging for website traffic. When properly established and maintained, blogs boost a website’s search engine ranking. Higher placement in search engine results will increase a website’s traffic flow. Blogging for Website Traffic Blogging is a practical form of Internet marketing which gives website […]

Benefits And Techniques Of Developing Reciprocal Links

  If done properly developing reciprocal links will bring as much or more targeted traffic to your web site as several top search engine listings. And the great news is, you don’t have to continually work at keeping the listings the way you have to if you wish to keep your top search engine spots. […]

Does Ease of Creating Facebook Lists Change Rules for Professionally Oriented Posts?

My Facebook “friends” are a hodge-podge of friends, family, former co-workers, bicycling buddies, and professional contacts. Given the diverse nature of my list of friends, in the past I’ve followed the advice that no more than 25% of posts should be professionally oriented. However, it has become so easy to create lists on Facebook that I think […]

Creating Ad Copy That Just Can’t Fail

Creating ad copy that sells continues to be the most valued arts to acquire in marketing on the Internet. Creating good content will accomplish more in getting search engine rankings and selling products than any tool you may purchase. Most sites we web marketers venture across while searching for new ways to market our products […]

Will There Ever Be A Social Media Privacy Backlash?

In asking twenty-somethings about online privacy, it’s pretty typical to get a response along the lines of “what privacy“. Young adults that are active social media consumers and creators are so used to their information being widely distributed that they often express a lack of concern about their privacy, because they take it for granted that […]

Pay Per Click or PPC search engine traffic

Firstly you need to decide what keywords you are going to use, so think of some basic keywords that you are going to use to promote your site. For example… For “free advertising” I would use……. free advertising marketing promotion To build this list bigger I suggest you use and check out the […]

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