Benefits And Techniques Of Developing Reciprocal Links


If done properly

developing reciprocal links will bring as much or more targeted traffic to your web site as several top search engine listings.

And the great news is, you don’t have to continually work at keeping the listings the way you have to if you wish to keep your top search engine spots.

Most links placed in directories are lifetime links. The only reason your would have to revisit a directory would be to update your info or change your ad if you choose.

Search engines have always been known for changing their criteria of what is required to achieve top spots.
For several years we have seen many leading engines go to various pay for inclusion or pay per click styles for being listed.

If you are seeking the multiple search engine listings required for maximum traffic this can become quite expensive and a drain on your budget when first beginning.

A word of caution. If you choose to
develop a themed directory spend the added time to create a tightly themed site. Search engines are beginning to
penalize or in some cases completely remove sites from their listings if they have excessive links from other sites they consider “spammy sites”.

If you keep the sites listed in your directory within a common subject matter the traffic created by your directory may very well exceed your wildest expectations.

Not only will you gain the traffic from hundreds or even thousands of links on other sites pointing to your site. Search engines use link popularity to rank your site, so you will boost your rankings in many search engines as well, creating even more traffic to your web site.

Benefits And Techniques Of Developing Reciprocal Links

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