6 Surefire Methods for Improving Your Search Engine Rankings


Do you have a website? How does it rank with the search engines? Getting your website to rank well with the search engines takes time, but there are several things that you can do to speed up the process. There are several things that will help your website, many of which are not used on regular basis by most websites. Use the following tips to help you optimize your website for search engine success.

It is important that you use a unique page title. This tells the search engine what the page is about and is believed to be a major factor in how your page is ranked.

Descriptive keyword links or anchor text as it is sometimes called is important. Make sure these links are relative to the content they are linking to and they are keywords that your target market is searching for. It also a good idea to use your main keywords in your menu titles. The search engines follow these links indexing your pages as they go.

You will need to have a variety of keywords through out your web page copy. This is another way of telling the search engine what your page is about. A page written with 3-5% of relative keywords will out rank a page that has not taken keyword relevancy into account.

Clean code. Your website code needs to be clean. Overloaded code with lots of graphics, page redirects and other unnecessary things will make it difficult for your page to be crawled and if the search engines can’t get through your page they can not rank it.

The more focused your site is the better chance it has of ranking for those specific terms. A site that sells yoga exercise balls exclusively has a better chance of ranking high for that term than a site that is selling a large variety of exercise equipment. Having a specific niche will get your farther than having a site that markets a large variety of products or services.

Incoming links with relevancy. Here relevancy is the important factor. One inbound link from site of authority will get you farther than many links form sites that have no relevancy to your site. Inbound links are great, but quality inbound links are better. Sometimes ranking well with the search engines can be difficult, but with a little bit of hard work and following these simple tips you can get off to a good start at optimizing your pages for the search engines. If you follow these steps you will be ahead of a big majority of the other sites on the web.


6 Surefire Methods for Improving Your Search Engine Rankings

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